Frequently asked questions

How much are your leads?

We actually don't sell on a pay per lead basis. We've found the most cost-effective strategy for our clients is charging a project-based fee with the client covering ad spend on their own business manager accounts. That way we can customize campaigns based on each companies' unique values, goals and resources for higher quality or quantity, depending on the client's preferences and budget.

How do you deal with compliance?

It depends on what licenses you have, how you want us to market and advertise your company, and what broker dealer or RIA you're with. Compliance could also vary state to state. The best way to deal with this is to put us in contact with your compliance officer to ensure everything is set up properly with the right disclaimers and licensing information on your funnels, landing pages and marketing material we create for you.

What is different about your program and every other "marketing agency"?

The main difference between Moonlight Media and most marketing companies and programs is that we value our organization based off of customer success. That's why communication and support are two of the most important parts of our company. Marketing methods and strategies change all the time, so we'll stay on top of the trends and patterns in the marketplace to ensure you're consistently getting optimal results to continue to grow your business profitably.

Can I see some examples of your work?

Yes, book a demo with a representative and let them know you'd like to see visuals of our projects. Obviously, we are only able to disclose and show previous work and materials that our clients have approved us to share.

Are you affiliated with any IMO/FMO?

We are closely affiliated with several IMO's. However, we do not push any clients, advisors or agents towards any particular IMO/FMO unless they ask us for recommendations.

Who is Moonlight Media designed for?

Our area of expertise is in finance, fintech, or any business associated with acquiring new assets under management. A large portion of our clients are insurance and wealth management firms, and we're starting to work with more fintech, private equity, and venture capital companies.

How can I get a custom plan?

Book a free consultation session with one of our representatives below!

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