Surplus Wealth

Surplus Wealth is an innovative fintech firm that was struggling with branding and acquiring new clients through paid media. Within six months of working with Moonlight Media, we were able to help them acquire dozens of new clients and achieve a 7.35 return on ad spend.

The Process
We helped develop a custom game plan for Surplus Wealth. We focused on business strategy to identify the exact avatar we needed to target in order to acquire new clients and consistently have lead flow in the pipeline. Now Surplus Wealth has some serious traction in the crypto community and are naturally getting clients just because of their online presence.

Secure Financial

Over $40m in Closed Business in 1 Year

When Secure Financial came to us tired of spending tens of thousands of dollars with other marketing gurus that couldn't deliver.

The Process: When we first started working with Secure Financial, they needed help simplifying and putting together a predictable marketing plan and client acquisition system. That’s exactly what we did.
After our call with Secure Financial we simplified the prospecting methods to automate it and qualify the leads with our internal call center. After a year of working with us Secure Financial closed over $40m in business, generating over 7 figures in commissions and a 100x ROAS.

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